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30 Mar 8:00pm

Music at an Angle

Shani and Noam curated this performance as a way to display both of their cultural traditions alongside their classical training (both are professional opera singers by day) . For Shani this meant connecting with her Yemenite and Persian roots, and singing folks songs that are well known in her culture, as well as known pieces such as Bach - Gounod's Ave Maria. In comparison, Noam sings american folk songs that he loves to listen to, Jewish Ladino songs, and also the famous Neapolitan song O Sole Mio. All of the pieces have been rearranged by us, in a fashion that suits the performance as a whole. A special thanks to the Ronen Foundation for supporting us in this endeavor.

Us$ 100

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a live video chat with the artists to talk about the show, and we will also perform one acapella song for you

Us$ 50

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The artists will send a personalized birthday greeting

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First and foremost to share our music as widely as possible. BUT doing so requires funds that we have already invested in the show, and we appreciate your support in helping us recoup the cost of recording

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