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02 Oct 4:06pm

Velocidade Futura Album Campaign

VELOCIDADE FUTURA (The Future Speed) is an original album by Feu Marinho with the signature production of bass player Daniel Harlev. The album is currently being recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the unique collaboration of musicians Stav Achai (Piano/Key Boards), Salit Lahav (Flute), Ben Ben Franklin (Drums), Matan Lior Duckler (Trumpet), Andy Ptashka (Trombone), Roi Avivi (Guitar) and special guests Yuli Shafriri, Dudi Shaul, Oded Aloni and the band Macumba. The album is expected to be released this year and your collaboration will be crucial for bringing this dream to reality as soon as possible. The songs combine the essence of Feu’s poetry with instrumental arrangements inspired by Jazz, Africa and the Middle East. The album is anchored in recent times, exploring questions that came up during lockdown while also revealing Feu’s journey and interest in space, the cosmos and spirituality. ***FEU Singer, instrumentalist, song writer and educator, Feu Marinho is a Brazilian artist based in Israel. After moving to the Middle East after a long journey in Portugal and Brasil, I was able to manifest my intention of recording my first full album. For me, Israel is unique and brings a lot curiosity that has been transformed in songs and very strong music projects. This part of the planet makes me reflect a lot about our society, geography, history and spirituality, while at the same time offering one of the most beautiful and inspiring natural environments that I ever experience. Being a foreigner in Israel during Covid and war times pushed me straight away to channel my thoughts and feelings into an album. When I met Daniel Harlev and we discussed my ideas and plans, it was clear at that moment that I had found a partner to dip inside this crazy experience and, together with the Label Speak Thru, I’ve been able to collaborate and work with a community of musicians that offer the best of their talent and love into my experience as an artist.

Us$ 25

25,00 to 100,00
You get a ticket for the album debut concert. Support and help this album to come out soon!

Us$ 100

- You will get 4 tickets for the album debut concert - An original painting by Feu (his art will look awesome in your house!) - 2 vocal classes by zoom or at your house if you're in Israel.

Us$ 2000

up to 2.000 (the party is yours)
- Here you get a private concert in your house for your friends - Free tickets to all upcoming Feu Marinho concerts with a +1 - Your name/business will appear as a sponsor partner of the album while we promote it - You will get an original painting by Feu Marinho (his art will look awesome in your house!) - 4 Vocal classes for you or your kids.

raising funds for

The funds from this campaign are an investment to manifest my dream of creating this album. The total amount will cover the mastering, art design for the album cover and the distribution of the album across all major music platforms.

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

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