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Being An Artist Is Being An Entrepreneur

These first few months at Play2Fund have been extremely enlightening. Musicians are true entrepreneurs. They develop a product, they figure out how to execute a marketing campaign, they deal with lawyers, with cash flow, with investments, they create an audience, etc. Isn’t that more or less what an entrepreneur does?

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12 Ways to Diversify Your Income as a Professional Musician

Making a living as a musician can be a stressful grind that is often a financial challenge. When putting all of your eggs in one basket, you can be taking a great risk on your well-being and financial stability.

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How to Monetize Your First Livestream Session as an Artist

Due to the strenuous impacts that COVID-19 has caused on our society, many industries have been forced to find a new way to operate.

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Can Musicians Make a Living During a Global Pandemic?

During this unprecedented time in world history, people in the entertainment industry are scrambling to find new ways to create and monetize content for fans to enjoy.

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