Frequently asked questions
If I don’t reach the goal, do I still receive the funds I raised?
Does Play Fund charge fees?
No. The only fee you’ve to pay is the processing fees. These are fees charged by the credit card company or other type of payment method you selected.
When will I receive my campaign contributions?
The campaign will be live for 2 weeks, so users have enough time to contribute. Once the campaign is completed you will receive the contributions within 7 business days. You can also access your contributions report from your profile section.
Can I do more than one concert per month?
Yes. You can do as many concerts/workshops/video releases as you want. All free.
How long will my show be available for my fans to donate?
2 weeks
What happens after my show “expires”?
The rest of your profile will still be available, and your fans can contact your for remote recording, online lessons, etc.
Can I do live streaming directly from Play2Fund?
You can embed live streams from Facebook or Youtube. You can not create your live stream directly from Play2fund yet. But coming soon!
How do I embed a live stream?

How to do it in Facebook
How to do it in YouTube

Can I embed my Instagram live?

No, Instagram doesn’t allow you to do that.

Can I sell tickets on Play2fund?

Not yet. Coming soon.