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Dan Ben Lior – Show On_line

Guitar solo, studio session.

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Now that ‘Mataratas’, my first album, is going to be released on streaming platforms, I decided to let my fans take a glimpse in the making of my second solo album.

If you love contemporary music and you’re crazy about flamenco, you’re more than welcome to listen to my new compositions while they are still raw 🙂

I would thank your contributions to keep going with my new project.

Original music by Dan Ben Lior played at Diego Guerrero’ studio in Madrid (Spain)
Ahora que MATARATAS, mi primer álbum, va a empezar a distribuirse en las plataformas de streaming, he decidido compartir con vosotros un adelanto de lo que será mi segundo proyecto.

Si amas la música contemporánea y te vuelve [email protected] el flamenco, estas más que invitado a escuchar mis nuevas composiciones en su estado más puro 🙂

Agradezco muchísimo vuestras contribuciones para poder seguir trabajando en el segundo álbum

Música original De Dan Ben Lior en los estudios de grabación de Diego Guerrero, Madrid (España)

Us$ 20

'Mataratas' digital album
My first guitar solo album 'Mataratas', including six original compositions and one arrangement, will be send to your mail digitally.

Us$ 150

Two online private guitar lessons
Personal guidance for each student at each level. Two online private sessions of advance guitar lessons (60 minutes each) to learn theory and harmony of music, how to approach flamenco as a jazz musician and of course, the basics, how to play the guitar better.

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Recording my second album

book online lessons

book remote recording

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube