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Campaign Ended
$5,200 of $5,000 raised
08 Jan 2:00pm

Y&I Holy Vol. 2 Album Campaign

Brooklyn-based duo Y&I. Y stands for Yuli Beeri, the Tel Aviv-born musical chameleon, composer and multi-instrumentalist. I stands for Isaac Gardner, the Mississippi-born actor and drummer. Almost impossible to define, their music is rhythmic and primal, airy and ethereal, and intense and catchy, all with a sense of playful fun. Their debut album Holy Vol, 1 came out June 25, 2021 and they currently creating Holy Vol, 2 due March 8, 2022!

Us$ 25

$25 - $100 Free Download of Holy Vol. 2 + Free Download of the never before released album SMALL :::: $50 - Adds a Pair of tickets to a LIVE Y&I concert in your area (good for one year, and most likely only good in NYC or Israel) :::: $100 - Add your choice of One Online Music Lesson on Drums, Bass, or Vocals for you or as a gift!

Us$ 500

In addition to the previous gifts :::: $500 - Adds a 30 minute online private Y&I show. :::: $1000 - In Person private show (again, most likely in NYC or Israel)

Us$ 2000

In addition to all those previous gifts. :::: $2000 - $5000 You'll get a percentage of all Holy Vol. 2 record sales and streaming revenue

raising funds for

The recording, mixing and mastering of Y&I's second album Holy Vol. 2

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

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