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Popurrí 5 de Julio presented by Maurizio Fiore Salas and the Venezuelan Association of MA

The 5th of July marks the Independence Day of Venezuela, and during these uncertain times a group of Venezuelan musicians led by Maurizio Fiore Salas have decided to present a medley of two very popular and representative songs from the Venezuelan repertoire: “Presagio” by Enrique Hidalgo and “Alma Llanera” by Pedro Elias Gutierrez.

We hope you enjoy this selection of music and join us to celebrate this day with us.

Adriana Corredor – Vocals
Juan Carlos Ruiz – Vocals
Maurizio Fiore Salas – Guitar, Venezuelan Cuatro
Ali Tovar – Electric Bass
Alexis Soto – Maracas

In collaboration with the Venezuelan Association of MA.

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