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The Duo is back!
After a tough but very successful online debut THE DRUM & FLUTE OSMOSIS will continue to perform live concerts on the Play2fund platform with the next show on September 16, 2020.

The first online concert on July 17, 2020 (link to the past event: https://play2fund.com/event/drum-flute-osmosis/) was a tryout for us, as we never before performed in an empty room… The turnout was overwhelming as the number of views exceeded our expectations. The encouraging comments of music fans and the generous donations gave us motivation to keep going.

The format stays the same, that is a half an hour long concert that presents songs from our repertoire plus new songs and arrangements done specifically for this duo and now for these concerts.

If you like music of different genres, acoustic sounds, calming vibe and virtuosity on the two oldest instruments known to man, then you’re invited to join THE DRUM & FLUTE OSMOSIS IN CONCERT.

Please invite, like and share this event with your friends and, if possible, chip in to support our lives as professional musicians.

Thank you!

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

This artist in not available at this moment for this service

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube